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Information Technology changed Education and Entertainment Trends of the Students

Information Technology has affected too many aspects in our life. Not only our life style, way to study, schooling, entertainment, game, friendship and all things which is related to our common life. Only some years in the past, when the Internet was still relatively new for the academic community. The Internet has become embedded into everyday life for many parts of the population and therefore offers a valuable resource medium for students. Academics now have to deal with the Google generation of students who are already Internet savvy when they arrive at university but at the same time still lack any real information literacy skills.

We are now doing far more than recreating the past in electronic form; instead we are generating completely new types of resources. In addition, new ways of collaborating and sharing data are being used to support the study process. Spreading information which is done by many sides include education institution through internet erase the distance that separate people from one place to the other. It provides way for earning money through online business, and way to communicate to other peoples. Students can earn when they are studying online they will able to work well without disturbed by learning activity since they can do it wherever as long as they are connected to internet. Although teaching and learning processes are done online, but it doesn’t close for student to get finance help.

A key aspect of Internet is how learners access and use the available resources. Few of website / portals are described below from where you get required study materials in recognized way. Free Computer Education through the offline and online resources for Students, Job Seekers and Fresher. is a website/ portal, dedicated to Job Seeker Students. It provides completely free study materials and tutorials for students. It provides study material of Computer Science, Software Development, Website Development, General Studies, Mathematics, Science, Current Affairs, History, National and International Topics and many more.

Advantages of means Education for Mass Student
1. Absolutely Free Study Materials.
2. Computer related study materials.
3. Question Paper for BCA, MCA, BIT, BTech, MTech Students
4. Interview Questions for Job Seekers.
5. Project Development Tutorials.
6. Website Development Tutorials.
7. Project Documentation Techniques.
8. Discussion on National and International Topics. provides Learn and Earn Program to increase computer literacy in India, specially for Poor Student in Rural Areas. It is a key to harnessing the power of Computer Science, Information Technology, and Internet through the unique valuable study materials. presents an opportunity that will not only quench your thirst for knowledge and education, but will bring you face to face with the vast Powerhouse of information and opportunity. If you are interested to help to achieve his target of computer education then use his business model to Earn while you Learn. It provides a business model which is known as Learn and Earn.

The Main objective of is to educate the masses about Computer, Internet and its application. If any person has enjoyed learning through its package he/ she can buy and recommends others to purchase educational package online and can earn money as per defined Business Model. Millions of people have been benefited by [link=]eBIZ[/link] to join and learn through the provided study materials and resources.

Organization Objectives
1. It’s a Computer, Internet Learning and Earning program.
2. This is a cheaper, easy and affective online education solution for all.
3. Minimum cost taken for education materials as well as tutorials and resources.
4. It provides online and offline tutorial with a web space package to Learn more and more about the Internet and Website Development.
5. Computer Languages, Project development with proper Project documentation technique help computer students to Understand the Software Development Process.
6. Computer Courses are developed by Professionals for easy, practical and conceptual knowledge.

Some Misunderstandings which should be cleared specially for Antiebizel Group and New Peoples
1. is a non profit organization.
2. Its mission is to Spread Computer Literacy, which is essential for our society and country.
3. Organization does not force anybody to join
4. does not allows anybody to learn computers absolutely FREE.
5. Thus increasing the membership as well as association is the only viable mode to popularize the educational package and achieve our goals.
6. It is not a concept of QUICK AND EASY MONEY through the Multi - Level Marketing (MLM) and Chain Marketing.

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Quality Computer Education is Way of ...

Let's face facts: Computers are used every where in out life. If you plan to advance your future or career then at first become computer literate, it will be to your detriment. Computers have become an essential part of our day to day lives. so, it is necessary to know more about it. This is where need for computer education join Computers have made our lives simple and very convenient by offering our needs at a click of a mouse through online shopping, online banking, ticketing, messaging, day to day accounting or any other work thereby saving a significant amount of our time to go to the local market and buy them. Thus if you wish enjoy the benefits of this incomparable system and wish to have a better hold in today’s modern technology then you need to have at least basic computer knowledge.

Nowadays there many computer coaching classes that are being conducted at your local college which offer computer education to all irrespective of your age. offers offline and online tutorial based computer program through the study material, audio & video material by the interactive way. If you are shy and do not wish to go to the classes you can even opt for an online and offline training program which could help you to have an overview of the whole system. This way you can develop a good understanding of computer system, internet browsing, computer system assembling, basic networking concepts and how the system works it means all the general concepts which may change your life and decrease challenges. If you can not use online study material you could probably learn through offline audio, video and interactive material which, is provided by the to help you in applying for an offline and online computer education. Think over once again as it’s your future and this is the right time to act on it to join

. So, please join one of the biggest computer education network in india.

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